Digital Certificates

Lawyers Online offers digital certificates for your organisation.

Use of Digital Certificates allows users and/or servers, to verify the identity of those with whom they communicate. It also offers encryption between the client and the Web Server, ensuring communications cannot be read whilst in transit.

Digital Certificates on Web Servers enable what many people know as the "SSL padlock" in Web Browsers. The presence of the "SSL Padlock" in a Web Browser denotes the fact that information entered into that web page is encrypted and thus secure.

As well as these common features, some Server Certificates provide a 'True BusinessID Secure Seal' image to be placed on your Web Site. This image updates automatically to provide visual indication of validity. By clicking the Seal, users of your web site can verify that the communication is with the intended server, and that it is secure.

The ordering process for these Certificates includes the strict 'GeoTrust authentication method' so your customers can be confident that your identity has been verified.

Web Server Identification

  • 128 bit X.509 Digitial Certificate
  • Ideal for use by a SSL Enabled Secure Web Server
  • Only suitable for use by servers. Not suitable for creating Digital Signatures
  • Enables the SSL padlock icon
  • Allows user's web browsers to verify the identity of your server
From £59 a year

Certificate Management

If your website is hosted with Lawyers Online we can manage and setup the SSL certificate for you. We will also apply the new certificate when it is due for renewal.

From £61 a year