Who are we?

Services for legal, non-legal and individuals

Lawyers Online was originally started in 1998 by a firm of solicitors who felt that there should be a better way for lawyers to share large volumes of information. With this driving force the company focused on providing secure and reliable Internet based solutions for the legal profession. It soon came apparent after the traction the Internet gained in early 2000, the services and products we created were just as useful for non-legal businesses and individuals. We are therefore committed to opening our doors to any type of business or indiviual, looking for reliable and affordable cloud based solutions.

Responsive Web Design

Making your website look great on any device

Lawyers Online Web Design services are intended to help you acheive profitable customer relationships from your website. No website is too big or too small, quotes start from £500 with additional work charged by the hour.

Modern Responsive Design

Designs that work on both computers and mobile devices allow to reach more people.

Resillient Web Hosting

All our websites are powered by our resilient cloud based hosting platform.

To find out how Lawyers Online can meet your website needs, contact us to speak to one of our designers.

Internet Connections

Lawyers Online offer the best of breed business Broadband Services.




Up to

20Mbps Down

1Mbps Up

20Mbps Down

1Mbps Up

76Mbps Down

19Mbps Up


Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


a month
a month
a month
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Secure Email & Protection

Lawyers Online offers secure email and protection services to combat spam and viruses.

No matter how big or small your business is, we can accommodate any number of users.

High Performance Mail Cluster

Resilient mail system infrastructure using multiple servers all secured using SSL/TLS encryption.

Cloud Accessibility

Access your email at all times across multiple devices using IMAP and via our webmail service.

Email Protection

Users on our email protection service have all their email scanned for spam and by multiple virus scanners before receiving it. This greatly reduces the chances of your computer being infected by preventing any suspicious items arriving on your computer.

Virus Protection

Virus checking peformed from multiple providers to protect you from email based threats.

Spam Filtering

Customisable and trainable spam filtering is able to learn which emails to filter, allowing you to only get the mail you want.

Web Hosting

Lawyers Online offers shared and private hosting solutions.

No matter how big or small your business is, we can accommodate any number of users.

Multiple Hosting Platforms

We offer a range of shared hosting options, including optimised servers for popular services such as Wordpress and Joomla.

Virtual Private Servers

We can also provide bespoke managed webservers for more specialised requirements.

All our hosting packages are complete solutions for your web presence. Domain, web hosting and email management removing the expense and complication of owning and maintaining your own email or web servers.





Storage /

5GB/10GB 5GB/10GB 5GB/10GB 5GB/10GB


Free! Free! Free! Free!


MX Forwarding
Mail sent to your mail server
MX Backup
We store your mail if your server goes down
25 Basic Mailboxes
Using our mail cluster
5 Protected Mailboxes
Spam and virus protected mailboxes


a month
a month
a month
a month
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