Changing Email Server Settings in Outlook 2000

  • Click 'Tools' in the menu bar to bring up the tools menu.
  • Click 'Accounts' in the Tools menu to open the Accounts window. You may have to click the double-arrow at the bottom of the menu to expand the menu to display this option.
  • Click the 'Mail' tab in the Internet Accounts window to only see email accounts.
  • Click your Lawyers Online email account.
  • Click Properties to open the Account Properties window.
  • Click the 'Servers' tab to see the servers settings.
  • Make sure that your Incoming mail server is set to
  • Make sure that your Outgoing mail server is set to
  • Ensure the 'Log on using Secure Password Authentication' box is NOT ticked.
  • Click OK to close the Account Properties window
  • Click Close to close the Internet Accounts window

After you have followed these steps your computer will have the correct settings for your Lawyers Online email facility.