Web Hosting

Lawyers Online offers shared and private hosting solutions.

Enter the cloud with your own Virtual Private Server (VPS) with an environment that you control, along with all the advantages of a dedicated server.

Multiple Hosting Platforms

We offer a range of shared hosting options, including optimised servers for popular services such as Wordpress and Joomla.

Virtual Private Servers

We can also provide bespoke managed webservers for more specialised requirements.

All our hosting packages are complete solutions for your web presence. Domain, web hosting and email management removing the expense and complication of owning and maintaining your own email or web servers.





Storage /

5GB/10GB 5GB/10GB 5GB/10GB 5GB/10GB


Free! Free! Free! Free!


MX Forwarding
Mail sent to your mail server
MX Backup
We store your mail if your server goes down
25 Basic Mailboxes
Using our mail cluster
5 Protected Mailboxes
Spam and virus protected mailboxes


a month
a month
a month
a month

To view domain availability see the Domain Checker.

To find out what Lawyers Online can offer your web presence, contact us to speak to one of our technicians.