Enabling Secure Email in Outlook 2000

Before adjusting these settings, please see the TechDesk Article SSL Email Compatibility, as certain Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam products are acknowledged as being incompatible with these settings by their manufacturers.

If Lawyers Online have instructed you to update your settings, and you are affected by the above, please see the TechDesk Article Changing Email Server Settings in Outlook 2000

  • Click 'Tools' in the menu bar to bring up the tools menu.
  • Click 'Accounts' in the Tools menu to open the Accounts window. You may have to click the double-arrow at the bottom of the menu to expand the menu to display this option.
  • Click the 'Mail' tab in the Internet Accounts window to only see email accounts.
  • Click your Lawyers Online email account.
  • Click Properties to open the Account Properties window.
  • Click the 'Servers' tab to see the servers settings.
  • Make sure that your Incoming mail server is set to securecollect.lawyersonline.co.uk.
  • Make sure that your Outgoing mail server is set to securesend.lawyersonline.co.uk.
  • Ensure the 'Log on using Secure Password Authentication' box is NOT ticked.
  • Place a tick in the 'My server requires authentication' box.
  • Click Settings to open the Outgoing Mail Server window.
  • Select the 'Log on using' option
  • Enter your Email account details into the 'Account name' and 'Password' boxes Note, 'Account name' and 'Username' are the same thing
  • Place a tick in the 'Remember password' box
  • Click OK to close the Outgoing Mail Server window
  • Click the 'Advanced' tab to see the advanced settings.
  • Place a tick both the 'This server requires a secure connection (SSL)' boxes. Note, The Incoming mail port number will automatically change, this is normal.
  • Click OK to close the Account Properties window
  • Click Close to close the Internet Accounts window

After you have followed these steps your computer is enabled to use the Lawyers Online secure email facility.